Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Beautiful Sunrise

The Mother has developed a disturbing habit of getting up before the sun is. This just confirms our suspicion that she is nuts. However, this morning, we did see a beautiful sunrise. The Mother's old camera doesn't do it justice. The pink was catching the bottom of the clouds across sky to the other horizon. A beautiful sunrise made it almost worth getting out of the warm bed. Getting Stinky Goodness 15 minutes earlier made it TOTALLY worth it. Therefore, we shall be waking her up earlier from now on.


Everycat said...

What a beautiful sunrise. Humans are nuts, you are right, but it's worth putting up with it for that early morning stinky goodness!

Whicky Wuudler

Black Cat said...

We yam so agreeying! Owr Noo Mummy is an Nite Owl, so she'm givs us brekfust and then we orl goze to bed, hee hee!

Luffs, tha Alfie and da Simba :) xxx

Brian said...

Go, Go, Go!!! We wake Mom & Dad up early every morning...hello from your new friends Brian, Sascha, Gracie & Zoe.